The Bunzl ScanApp cannot be any cheaper and more easy-to-use to place orders. It assumes only a one-time cost (€ 14,90) to download the application, on condition that you have a proper device to use it with. Since the ScanApp is not connected to your ERP, there is not any development cost or time-consuming integration implied.

With the help of this, you can send us orders even directly from your warehouse or shopfloor. It works by just scanning barcodes with a mobile device and entering the desired quantity. The app comes with a few convenience features:

  • you may set a cost location for your order
  • you can change / delete your order or lines

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store (1-time license fee of € 14,90) and can be used on almost any mobile device running on Android or iOS. The actual using of the app is free of charge.

If you would like to introduce the ScanApp in your company, please follow the below steps.


  1. Check with your Bunzl contact person if the Bunzl company where you order your goods supports the ScanApp. Some Bunzl companies do not (yet).
  2. Make sure you have barcodes for all the items to scan. This can be either on the shelves or collected in a catalogue with barcodes. If you need advice on how to generate barcodes, please check out our guide on the link (same can be found in the next menu item).
  3. Carry out a datawash with the Bunzl company to avoid issues around wrong masterdata (see first section here on Masterdata alignment)
  4. Register for ScanApp. It is simple, and can be done in minutes. Bunzl will validate your onboarding before you can use the app. If it came out as positive, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to set up ScanApp on your device. You might find the ScanApp manual useful.
  5. Secure a hardware which is compatible with the app (you can check your device’s compatibility with the app developer). This can either be a mobile phone running on recent Android (Orio or higher) or iOS versions with a camera OR you can buy a dedicated standalone scanning device (see below our recommendation in the frame).
  6. Download the application from Google’s Play Store (one download per device). This also covers the cost of support and upgrades.
  7. And you are ready to place your first order! Just scan the barcode and enter the desired quantity.We might need minor configuration on our side to receive your first orders properly so initially check with your Bunzl contact person upon the orders.


If you are interested in buying a dedicated scanning device, Bunzl recommends ordering a Zebra TC21 or or TC26. Although you can buy them at several shops, Bunzl recommends Dalosy, a long time Zebra reseller, with whom we partnered with in developing this tool for both the software and the hardware components. Dalosy can provide you the correct hardware and support and we have agreed attractive terms for our customers.

Partnering with Dalosy have a number of benefits:

  • devices come with a built-in barcode scanner
  • devices are designed to operate in a semi-industrial environment.
  • better scan results
  • better suited for semi-industrial environments
  • devices are not person-dependent: a whole team can use the same device
  • service and support can be arranged via the Zebra reseller

You can contact Dalosy via or via


Before downloading the App, make sure you have read and understood the ScanApp Manual, which includes the terms and conditions as well. We would like to draw your attention especially to this part:

“The ScanApp will only show the item number which is scanned. The item number on the item may not correspond with the Bunzl default sales unit. When sending the order, you agree that Bunzl will take the default sales unit as the ordering unit (example: you scan a bottle of cleaning material, default sales unit is a pack of six bottles).

The ScanApp will not show any prices. The price of the items will be confirmed via an order confirmation that will be sent to the mail address known in our systems. The price in the confirmation will be the salesprice applicable for your organisation.

The ScanApp does not check if items are available or sold via Bunzl. Items that are not sold via Bunzl will not be confirmed or mentioned in the order confirmation. If an item has been replaced by another item, Bunzl will confirm with the delivery of the replacement.

If you do not agree with the prices, quantities or items confirmed, you have to contact our local Customer Service department.”