Why EDI?

We at Bunzl are dedicated to giving a superior service to our customers, while also increasing our efficiency internally. A modern tool for this is EDI, that is, electronic data interchange. We can connect any two digital systems so they can communicate with each other without human intervention. This, among other benefits, enables us to become a better workplace by stripping off repetitive day jobs, react quicker to business demands, reduce human errors, save the environment and save costs – which is not only good for us but also for our customers and for the globe.

EDI management at Bunzl CE

This website has been created and is maintained by the central EDI team of Bunzl Continental Europe, and it gives you an overview of the basics of what and how we do.

We have been developing lots of tools that can be tailored to fit almost any EDI scenarios relevant in our business scope, so even if you do not see what you are looking for described on our website, we encourage you to place an enquiry with us. There is a 99.9% chance that we can offer you a solution.

In general, for every new or existing EDI project or workflow, we have a local EDI coordinator in our subsidiaries, who is responsible for EDI matters. They are the main contacts for our external partners for starting up new EDI projects and in daily operations as well. Their availability can be found in the Trading Data Partner Sheet. In the same document there is a 2-page template where we collect basic details of our partners for the project implementation. This should be filled in and returned normally to the local EDI coordinator. Note though, that in some projects the central BCE EDI team will be directly involved.

Suppliers and customers will find more details about the standard respective options to exchange documents with us through our menu, with a number of downloadable documents to use for configuring EDI with Bunzl.

External EDI provider

Most EDI workflows at Bunzl CE are provided by TIE Kinetix. For developments on the Bunzl side, only the central BCE EDI team is authorised to give TIE Kinetix instructions. Unlike local EDI coordinators, the central BCE EDI team is responsible for overseeing the EDI workflows of all of our operating companies in Bunzl Continental Europe that are using the services of TIE Kinetix. Our scope incorporates all EDI projects, from design through testing to technical completion, operating and support in their life cycle.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to the Bunzl Continental Europe EDI team or your local Bunzl contact.