Barcode generating

We suggest one of the following methods for you to create barcodes for your items to be able to use the ScanApp effectively.

Shelfcards with barcodes

The Bunzl ScanApp works best with shelfcards.

We advise you to create simple shelf cards with a barcode, item description and the Bunzl default sales quantity, and place/stick those on the shelf where you store your stock.

To create the barcodes you can use your own toolkit or use ours – see the Download bottom below.

To get the best scan results, when printing the barcode, make sure that the entire barcode is on the card, with some space on both sides, and make sure that the background is light-colored (white or yellow).

Accepted barcode formats are:

  • Code 128

In Code128 the barcode has to be: B, followed by the Bunzl item number, followed by a “-” and the default ordering/sales quantity.

Example: B7100256-10

  • GS1-128

In code GS1-128 the barcode has to be: FNC01, AI 01, followed by the GTIN, AI30, followed by the default ordering/Sales Quantity.

Example: In text (01)8712345123450(30)10

Item barcodes

You can also use the barcodes (GS1/EAN code) that are on the items you have in stock.

Biggest disadvantage is that you will see the quantity 1 in the app, but that item code might be associated in our systems with a different default sales unit. If this default sales unit is not equal to 1, you will get an order confirmation where the quantity may be different from the quantity you think you ordered. Likewise, if you request a quantity 2 for instance, you will receive 2 times our default sales unit.

Other limitations:

  • Not all items have barcodes printed on the package
  • Not all Bunzl companies support the use of the GS1 code system

With just two files we make it very easy for you to generate barcodes for yourself to use with ScanApp (or other).

Please download both files on your local computer, and store them in the same folder.

Some basic knowledge of Excel and MS Word (including MailMerge function) is required to create the shelf labels. The tool requires MS Office 365 (local installation).

There is no extra barcode font required.

Before using the GS1 code for scanning, please liaise with your local Bunzl contact person at the Customer Service department to check if they support this option.