Using your own EDI solution

As mentioned, one way of a supplier establishing EDI with Bunzl is to use its current EDI solution. To create successful connection and mappings, the below documents need to be downloaded and considered.

However, before you take any other actions, there is one thing that needs to be done foremost, to ensure smooth data exchange and processing, and that is having proper masterdata of each other in our systems.


Having the same data and their understanding of traded items and other identifiers on both sides (Bunzl and its partner) is indispensable. For company data please refer to our Trading Partner Data Sheet below.

For item data alignment (also called masterdata or datawash), note that this can be completed in a simple Excel sheet, and you normally need to clarify the following with your partner:

  • item description
  • net unit price
  • unit of measure
  • GTIN
  • internal item ID (Bunzl article number)
  • external item ID (supplier/customer article number)
  • any special data (variant handling, applicable tax, currency, charges/allowances etc.)


Here you will find Bunzl CE contact and connection details, e.g. AS2, sFTP. (Note that Bunzl will never be the server.)

The template on the last two pages need to be filled in with the supplier connection data and returned to the local Bunzl contact person.

Service segments are indispensable in the correct interpretation of the EDI messages, for example characters and encoding. Their incorrect use will lead to the messages failing on validation/parsing and the messages not being processed.

The first message in the order-to-cash process is the order. Suppliers will receive (purchase) orders from Bunzl.

Before going live, you will want to test how Bunzl orders integrate on your side. With this tool on the right, you can trigger an EDI test order for yourself on behalf of the selected Bunzl company.

Scan or click on the QR code and fill in the form, to receive the test file via email. If the selected company is not available via this tool, please contact us.


Create a test order by Bunzl

A message responding to a Purchase Order message from the supplier to the buyer with the promised quantity, the correct price and the expected delivery date is the order response.

A message specifying details for goods despatched or ready for despatch under agreed conditions.

Please note that Bunzl in most cases can only process despatch advices of the level 1 structure.

A invoice is a message claiming payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer.