I forgot my password

Click on the text “Forgot password” on the login screen to receive a password retrieval mail.

Please beware that once you hit that button, you need to re-enter your login email account (even if earlier you entered it on a previous screen), and then click on the proceed arrow.

You will see a confirmation message on the screen that if your account exists, a new password is being sent to you.

I do not see any orders or other message in VIP where I did see them before

If you login on VIP and get questioned with project to use, make sure you use the Bunzlcontinentaleurope project.

If that is not the case please check if you are using an outdated browser (Internet Explorer).

We strongly advise to use the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Other browsers, or older versions (IE, Opera) are not supported.

Do I need to send paper or PDF documents via VIP or from my own system.

Once you start using the VIP portal, you do not need to send the PDF or paper documents, unless local legislation states otherwise. Please check with our local company in case of doubt.

Bunzl will process the VIP documents (which are actually EDI documents) and store PDF or paper documents that you send as copies for reference.

PDF invoices received by Bunzl will/might not be processed or checked. This means that you have to create invoices on VIP to make sure they will be paid!

Do I need a VIP registration for every Bunzl Company

No, you can use one registration to receive orders from all Bunzl companies that are connected via VIP

Which Bunzl Companies are connected via VIP

Once you register on VIP, you are connected to:

Bunzl Food Service Almere

Bunzl Retail and Industry

Bunzl Verpackungen

Bunzl Distibution Denmark


King Netherlands

King Belgium





De Ridder

Bunzl Distribution Spain








France Securite

Meier Verpackungen


Bunzl Ticaret

Bursa Pazari

Bunzl Magyrorszag

I want to receive remote support

If the answers on this page are not sufficient and you want to receive remote support, the first thing that you have to do is to enter such a request via the contact form on this website. Please explain in a couple of sentences what the issue is you are facing. Do not forget to mention the telephone number on which we can contact you.

After placing that request:

please go to: https://bunzlcontinentaleurope.flow.tiekinetix.netAnd use your normal username and password to log in.


Open your settings by clicking on the second option in the left hand bar with your company/registration name. Select the Security tab. Move the blue selector behind By Vendor to the right.

Enter edi-supplier@bunzl.eu as the name of the Allowed User.

Click on Save.

We will contact you via telephone and with the above settings are able to take over your system.

To disable the remote support, move the blue selector to the left.

Which browsers are supported

We strongly advise to use the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Other browsers, or older versions (IE, Opera) might not be fully supporting all functions in VIP.

How can I change the VAT% of an item

Click on the arrow on the left of the item you need to change, itemdetails will open and you will see the VAT%. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the line, and click modify line. You can now modify and save the VAT%.

You need to do this for every line that you want to change.

How can I change my login name

The login name cannot be changed and will be the mailaddress used when you onboarded

How can I change my mailaddress on which I receive orders

The login name cannot be changed and will be the mailaddress used when you onboarded

A user can change the mailaddress on which the orders and notification are received.

Click on the company name in the left hand site to open Settings. Open Company Integration Settings, and click on settings. Change mailaddress and save.

Open My Manual Document Settings, click on User Info to open the Tab. Change the mail address and save.

Can we have 2 or more login for the same company?

Yes, this is possible, for instance in case you have a sales organisation per region. You can register with a different mailaddress, and the VAT number you use has to have a suffix for the new registration (A,B,C etc.).

We however advise you to use 1 login name for your entire organisation, as it is clearly visible in VIP who sends the order. You can create a filter so only the messages from a specific Bunzl Companies are shown.

I have asked for a new password, but I have not received it.

If you request a new password, a retrieval mail will be sent to the mailaddress you use as login name.

There are two typical reasons one does not get their password recovery email.

One, the mails might get blocked by system filters or end up in the spam folders. Please do check those (you might need to involve local IT) before contacting us. We do not have access to your account settings.

Two, when on the login screen you enter your email address but you do not have a valid password and therefore click on the text “Forgot password”, you need to re-enter your login email account, and then click on the proceed arrow.

If you miss this step, the password recovery does not get initiated.

If your action was successful, you will see a confirmation message on the website that if your account exists, a new password is being sent to you.

In all cases, we advise to store your password in a password manager if you do not use the VIP regularly.

How do I include packaging and deposit in my invoice

We make a distinction between transport packaging for specific articles and transport packaging that is not for specific articles:

  1. Transport packaging for specific articles is packaging that is related to the article to an extent that it is not worthwhile to account for and invoice the packaging as a separate article. You should invoice this (also in case of deposit) as a line surcharge in your EDI invoice.
  2. Transport packaging that is not for specific articles is referred to as a load carrier. You should invoice this as a separate line in your EDI invoice using the correct Bunzl codes for the carrier.

Is there a mistake? I’ve sent the order confirmation (it shows success) but I cannot see the step 2/4 for posting the delivery note.

It happens that the server does not immediately change the status to succes.

If you want to know the status, a screen update and cache clearing will help. Press Ctrl-F5 in your browser.

How can we mention freight costs (or other charges and discounts) on the order confirmation

Bunzl uses the Orderresponses to receive the estimated delivery date and ask for confirmation of the itemnumber and itemprice. You do not have to confirm the freight cost, or any other charge and discount in the orderresponse.

If you have agreed with a Bunzl Company to add charges and discounts, you can do so on the invoice.

Can I use the same charge or discount more than once in an invoice?

No, you cannot use the same code multiple times in an invoice. If you want to use more than 1 discount or charge, you have to summarize the values and add them as one.

Is it possible to see the detail of the order confirmation, delivery note or invoice when the document is already sent by us

Yes, search for the order, or any other document status, and click on the arrow in front op the name of the Bunzl Company. A list of related documents will pop up.

Search on the message you want to check, and click on the 3 bullets on the left side of the screen. Click on view files to see the details of the document.

How can we modify a document which is already sent if I made an error

You can resend the orderconfirmation and the despatch advice from VIP, those messages will be processed in our systems. Orderconfirmations will be processed until we have received a despatch note on an order.

If you have sent an incorrect invoice, you have to create a credit not for the incorrect invoice, and create a new invoice with the correct values.

You might want to contact your Bunzl contact and ask for approval to resend a message, as it might be that a manual correction is needed on both sides.

How can we post two delivery notes for one order?

There are situations where you have to split a delivery into 2 or more.

You can do this by creating a despatch note from the orderresponse, and delete the lines that are not in the delivery. You do the same for every delivery afterwards.

If you have split a line in multiple deliveries in the orderresponse, make sure the correct line is sent.

How can we post an invoice which contains 2 or more orders?

Consolidated or combined invoicing cannot be done via VIP, and is as such not allowed.

The processes in our ERP system will fail in case we receive consolidated invoices.

How can we post a credit note?

Go to the invoice you want to credit and click on the 3 dots on the right side of you screen. You will see the possibility to create a credit note. Once you confirm you want to create a credit note, the invoice will open, and you can create the credit note, based on the original invoice.

It seems the portal is freezing with a circle (even if we wait a few minutes), how to solve this?

In case this happens, there might be temporary connection issues.

Press Ctrl-F5 to refresh. In most cases the action you were working on has been performed. You should now be able to continue working on the document.

How many times can we change the delivery date information?

You can only confirm the delivery date once in Orderresponse and in Despatch note.

Messages sent afterwards will not be processed.

Is it possible to only confirm the orders on the portal?

In some occasions you are allowed to only use part of the function of the portal, for instance to only send orderresonse and despatch note via VIP, and send the invoices via EDI.

Bunzl CE team has to give you approval to do so.

Is it possible to load XML invoices on the portal ?

It is not possible to upload XML invoices on VIP so they can be processed by Bunzl.

You can add files to the invoice, but they are for your own archiving purposes and will not be sent to Bunzl.

Is it possible to only confirm invoices on the portal without the previous step?

This is only if your Bunzl partner uses the light version of VIP.

The majority of our companies use all the features of VIP, meaning that you have to create all 3 messages.

I want to include packaging material? Do I need to include this in the screens?

If you want to include packaging materials that are not in the order (pallets etc.) you should NOT include them in the Orderresponse.

You can add lines in the despatch notes to mention the quantity, and you have to add the in the invoice as a new line, including the value and the correct VAT percentage.

I seem to not receive the order via mail.

Every order generated by our systems is sent to you via VIP with a notification via mail. This mail includes a PDF copy of the order.

If you do not receive the mail, please check your spam box and the spam settings on server level.

I deleted the order with the PDF attachment I received via mail.

No problem,

Just login to VIP, select the order you are looking for, and click on show documents. A screen with the order will open, and you can print and download the order from this screen.

When I enter a decimal value, it shows up as a non decimal value.

Please make sure you use the right keyboard settings and notiation. When entering a value, using the numeric keyboard is advised.

Can I use a document number multiple times?

No, every document has to have a unique ID. If you have to make corrections to a document, after a Bunzl company has asked you so, you should make sure the ID is unique. This can be done by adding a version number to the document. For instance, invoice 12345 has to be send again with a small change. In which case you can use 12345V2 as a new unique ID.

Can I delete an order?

No, orders can only be deleted by the Bunzl company that sent you the order. A copy will be stored in our archives for auditing, or in case an order got deleted by mistake.

Can I delete order responses, despatch notes and invoices?

Yes, we bot advise to do it, but it is possible. Bunzl will keep a copy of the deleted messages in our archives for auditing, or in case a message got deleted by mistake.

My question is not in the above list

Please watch the instruction video’s to understand the basic functions of VIP.

If you still have a question, go to the contactpage and fill in the form.