VIP portal (FLOW)

Implementing a real EDI solution is sometimes a cumbersome and expensive exercise, and not all suppliers or their ERP systems can support (full) integration of EDI messages.

Bunzl introduced the VIP portal as an alternative for them, which is free-of-charge to use, but means that our suppliers need to handle the exchanged documents manually on our portal. No worries, normally it will not take more than a few of minutes per message.

The Bunzl VIP supplier portal, which is the abbreviation of “Vendor Interaction Portal”, is an easy-to-use, graphic, user-friendly, free-of-charge solution to receive your orders in a structured format and send back to Bunzl your order responses, dispatch notes and invoices. It also goes by the name FLOW, that being the name of the whole system operated by TIE Kinetix.

The VIP platform comes with lots of convenience features such as automatic notification in email when you have a new order, or an attached xml and pdf copy of the order and so on.

Although VIP does not have a connection to your ERP, we made sure you need to perform as little manual data entry as possible.

Another benefit of this platform is that once you connect to it, you may use it to communicate with all Bunzl operating companies in Continental Europe that are on this platform (about 40).