ScanApp FAQ

I forgot my setup credentials

Please send a mail to with your company name.

We will send you a mail with your setup credentials. This is a manual process, so it might take some time.

I get an error when sending the order

There can be multiple causes for these errors:

Check if you have a working Internet connection. This can be a WiFi connection or a connection via mobile data (4G) connection. A weak or missing internet connection can cause the communication to fail. The order you created is stored on the device and can be resent without creating a new order.

Check if the settings have been changed. The settings are protected by a password. If someone by mistake changes the settings, communication will fail.

There can be a temporary issue with our communication servers. In this case, the order will be stored on your device and can be sent later.

If the error persists, please contact our team via or via the contact form on this site.

My device does not scan the barcodes?

If this is an incident, you have to check if the barcode is not damaged (scratched etc.) and if the contrast between the lines and the backgrounds is sufficient. Dark background colors (red, dark grey etc) can cause scanning issues. You can enter the itemnumber (usually printed underneath the barcode) manually in the App.

If this happens for all items that you want to scan:

  • Check if the barcode is Code128, EAN13 or GS1-128
  • Check if there is enough contrast
  • Make sure the barcodes are printed on a high quality printer
  • Make sure the camera settings on your device are correct
    • Does the camera show the barcodes
    • Is the resolution of the camera enough
  • Check the whitespace on both sides of the barcode. Has to be at least 4 times the size of the thickest line in the barcode
  • Make sure the entire barcode is printed on the label

If the issue persist, please contact a barcode specialist or contact us so we  can do a validation.


Which Bunzl Companies are connected via the ScanApp

It strongly depends on your assortment and order history.

When filling in the onboarding form (do this before downloading the App) you will get some information back. If the Bunzl company where you normally order does not yet (fully) support the ScanApp, you will receive a mail that informs you to contact the local Customer Service department to check other options.

How can I change my login name or password

Your credentials are a combination of your Bunzl Customer number, the Bunzl company where you order and the username/password that is filled in the settings in the App.

Changing this combination will make the communication or the order processing fail! Please do not change these settings!

Can we have 2 or more devices for the same company?

Yes, this is possible.

You can download the app as many times as you want and install the app on multiple devices. You can use the same user settings (Pincode, Bunzl Customer number etc.) for all the devices in your organization.

If your organization has several Bunzl Customer numbers, you should fill a registration form per Bunzl Customer Number.

Is it possible to see order history via the ScanApp

No, the ScanApp does not log your order history.

This is because your company can have several devices to send in the orders and to minimize data traffic and memory use on your device.

You will receive an orderconfirmation and invoice the same way as you have always received them.

How can we modify a document which is already sent if I made an error

You cannot correct an order that has been sent via the ScanApp on your device. Each order has a unique number that is automatically generated.

If you notice that you have made an error, please contact your local Customer Support department and ask them to correct the order.

Do this as soon as possible, once the order is processed and picked, it is impossible to make corrections.

I downloaded the ScanApp, can I still use other ordering methods?

Yes, even if you have registered and downloaded the ScanApp, you can still use our Webshop, EDI or any other method for sending in orders.

ScanApp is an extra option, not a replacement.

I have not received an order notification.

Please contact you local Customer Service department to check the status of the order.

Most common cause is that you scanned an item that is not supplied by the Bunzl subsidiary that is set up on your device. This will make your order end up in a process where we have to manually check and correct the order.

Can I use the same order multiple times?

No, once an order has been succesfully sent to Bunzl, the order will be removed from your device.

If you have the same items on you order every time, we advise you to either use our webshops or EDI.

Can I delete an order?

You can delete an entire order from your device (or scanned items) until you click the send button. Once an order has been sent, you cannot delete it.

My question is not in the above list

Please watch the instruction video’s to understand the basic functions of VIP.

If you still have a question, go to the contactpage and fill in the form.